Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 3
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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/IceKareem · 3 weeks ago
Imagine being chased by that giant woman in your sleep
u/Joary · 3 weeks ago
no please. i want to sleep tonight
u/Kelvin · 3 weeks ago
ill punch her in the boob
u/poopking · 3 weeks ago
u/Grim_The_Emu · 3 weeks ago
oh boi lol. Hiding would be the best option, or the only one if I'm honest.... adults are scary man XD
u/Hin_Haale · 2 weeks ago
Mmm ii ne..
I'd let her catch me and have me some of that chocolate.
It IS a dream promise?
'Cause if real..*cries*
I shouldn't joke like that now I'm seriously traumatized and gotta be celibate for a year atleast or ruin sex forever. 😢
u/IceKareem · 2 weeks ago
nigga ur disgusting
u/itsmyk · 3 weeks ago
No one gonna say anything about the kid that got decked out by the ball at 1:55?
u/TajSupreme · 3 weeks ago
Idk about you guys, but I suspect four eyes is the traitor.
u/Gg0v3r9000 · 3 weeks ago
that is what they want us to think
u/Hin_Haale · 2 weeks ago
Hey what we ever do to you?
"dunno about you guys" huh really?
Well OK then I think you decked the kid and four eyes watched and laughed.
Traitor is you too ofc who doesn't trust his bro's and ko's lil children?
Traitors and rapists that's right so which are yooouuuu? 🤔🧐😾
u/ASHLEY-chan · 3 weeks ago
the big lady's face is kinda creepy. I guess no one showed her how to make good facial expressions. The Mom is pretty good at it though.
u/Hoodedbeastie · 3 weeks ago
Big mom is grandma? That explains these crazy ass mothers.....
u/Climbone · 3 weeks ago
Absolutely nothing wrong with this anime. It's perfect.
u/Hin_Haale · 2 weeks ago
It lacks a touch of ramen BL I think but nothings ever really perfect I guess :P
u/ptl · 3 weeks ago
how many more episodes till escape plan or begin? smh
u/BlueJayFrosty · 3 weeks ago
around 3 they have to figure out
How they are gonna fight the adults
How to execute the actual escape
and mislead the kids enough so that they escape with them
u/Hin_Haale · 2 weeks ago
That's if they weren't allready found out.
Things will twist and turn progressing alot faster from now on, atleast if they're gonna keep aligning with this type of 'mystery' story.
It follows a pretty basic mold actually they're doing great with it though.
u/kawailllll · 3 weeks ago
u/tsunderecactus · 3 weeks ago