Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 18
Evil Creeps Closer sub

4.8 (920 votes)
Aired 2 weeks ago
Updated February 21, 2019 · 34.4k Views · by u/MeowMix


u/Restifik 路 2 weeks ago
sigh , there you go another week of waiting , feels bad man , but also hype
u/Zen_Dragneel 路 2 weeks ago
God DAMN!, that ended too fast.
u/RoboeliGT 路 2 weeks ago
I think so too.
u/Hin_Haale 路 2 weeks ago
Me Too!
I so wish dropping this show wouldn't go so quick!
The show made me suffer, I want justice.
I wish I ended watching this show when they left the cave and took the whole show downhill with em to the petting zoo lifting any serious 'good' related to it off, revealing the stupidity as seen from a non-subjective way.
u/VaderPepe 路 2 weeks ago
Man, this anime makes me hype.
u/Kelvin 路 2 weeks ago
sharknado the anime?
u/Zen_Dragneel 路 2 weeks ago
u/d3wa 路 2 weeks ago
1 week equal to 1 years tbh!
u/Ifrit 路 2 weeks ago
Next episode pls.
u/Danny 路 2 weeks ago
I fucking love this anime! SO GOOD! Every week just keeps getting longer and longer though!
u/DarkLord 路 2 weeks ago
Rimuru is gonna get his ass kick it this time or not but i hope wins and take the charybdis POWER?
u/ChaoticFoxtrot 路 2 weeks ago
I was just curious about this show so I decided to watch a few episodes...

I ended up binge watching all episodes instead.
u/YeezyAk 路 2 weeks ago
Hahah same with me
u/Evilitself 路 2 weeks ago
man fucking cliffhangers
u/Saklic_soul2001 路 2 weeks ago
I am waiting for Veldora
u/Hin_Haale 路 2 weeks ago
Ughh so so bad.
Isekai goes silly kids shounen woopie.
I had high hopes after a cool setup at the start - should have kept on with just Veldora problem to solve, predator wielded gaining skills and the world kept unknown, only a select Few atleast attempts of original chars who join the venture etc..
u/Hin_Haale 路 2 weeks ago
First it was like, what?!
It's getting this hyped up and I'm along with it?
Can't be, the masses are idiots.
Noow I get it as it OVERhypes completely, becomes predictable and boring as any other 1piece of shitshow.
I'm actually relieved and feels good dropping it in the wind to find some substance instead.
u/Hin_Haale 路 2 weeks ago
Datklord: Are you NUTS??
No way, in the Manga he eats hallucinogens dingle berries off Gabiru while naming his own androgenous invisible crotch evolving into a megalithic phallic death ray!
Daijoubu, it's a shounen now remember 5 eps ago?
Neither do I, after he leaves the cave it's all just a messy blue.
u/Hin_Haale 路 2 weeks ago
*Blurr even.
The English gayboys band plus one 'R'.
Now I'm off to forums and other sites to downvote, bash and make people butthurt protecting their precious fav kids show.
Won't be seeing you under such slimey circumstances next time hopefully, jaa ne :)
u/ReversedBlank 路 1 week ago
So if Rimuru Sealed veldora inside him maybe he can seal Charybdis inside him too, so He can get more power and plus Charybdis can meet Veldora like how when he sealed the fire Spirit inside him and he met veldora.
u/senpaionhentai 路 7 hours ago
dumb cliffhangers uwu