Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 3
Wave of Catastrophe sub

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Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/madbull34 · 4 weeks ago
I'm really liking this series.
u/ASHLEY-chan · 4 weeks ago
why are most of the "heroes" and soldiers like that. They have no care for the people and do so for only their own benefits. I get angry at what they do but it makes sense that Naofumi ignores them. I would definitely would let them get eaten since some of them dont even acknowledge how he saved them.
u/poopking · 4 weeks ago
most of the people do things only for their own benefit, this is currently happening in this society @.@
u/ASHLEY-chan · 4 weeks ago
Most of society was built like that and its hard to escape the system if you are engulfed by it from the beginning. Humans are quite the horrid species.
u/Crescentfangs · 4 weeks ago
At that point in the novel, the 3 heroes think that they were in a game world, not a real one. So they tend to do what they did in game, grinding and fight the boss in each waves.
u/Woodhammer · 3 weeks ago
Then why get angry at him for supposedly "raping" the girl XD, if they think its a game.
u/Crescentfangs · 3 weeks ago
Because thier logic that Heroes supposed to do the "right" thing. So with what they heard that Naofumi the Shield Hero raped Myne, they can't take it as one of them said in EP.1 "Even you are Hero, don't think you can do anything you pleased" or something like that.
u/IceKareem · 4 weeks ago
naofumi sama shouldve let those motherfuckers die
u/Kelvin · 4 weeks ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/noah_g · 3 weeks ago
lmao what was this comment
u/Kelvin · 3 weeks ago
huh? omegalul
u/MeowMix · 3 weeks ago
u/BlueJayFrosty · 4 weeks ago
yo that was sooner than i thought
u/Sunny649 · 4 weeks ago
that one Knight helping has some hope..... That other guy should've died. x'D
u/Hazard · 4 weeks ago
Is she....aging as she levels up???? Level eighteen and lookin like a teen now?
u/Crescentfangs · 4 weeks ago
Yes, demihuman growth rate is depended on their level. If one leveled up fast they will be forced to be adult, but their mind just stay the same.
u/Führer_Oberst · 4 weeks ago
Maybe she's also age 18? The ageing as she levels becomes inconsistent. Just think of her as an adult from now on basically.
u/Crescentfangs · 3 weeks ago
On the outside, yes. She's over 18 as she leveled up more. But inside she's still a same child (with her trauma cured). In the novel there is more detail on this though.
u/Ledub420 · 4 weeks ago
Damn i hope this keeps up
u/SoulChung · 4 weeks ago
big oof but very nicu i really dont like those other heroes
u/Risk · 4 weeks ago
don't look down people use shield too fight monster >.
u/Crescentfangs · 4 weeks ago
Some changes from the novel and manga. And most important...

u/Woodhammer · 3 weeks ago
They have to grow, give it time
u/Chigo · 4 weeks ago
This is too short, need more! If she'll get older as she levels up I wonder how she'll look when they reach lvl 50+
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
She'll look exactly the same, except for bigger boobs LOL
u/creed345 · 4 weeks ago
good series so far
u/sawit27703 · 3 weeks ago
; w;// just here for OP song
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
This show is awesome, I'm very happy they made an anime, I've been following the manga and I can tell: it gets better and better
u/DvHunta · 3 weeks ago
this is a nice series hope this keeps up
u/OTakuSAma · 3 weeks ago
THE one of my FAV man
u/Ceebee · 3 weeks ago
Best Anime of 2k19.... Just watching me gets the chills n vibe... Best iskai ever of winter..'
u/itexpert120 · 2 weeks ago
One of the best Anime this season