Juuni Taisen
2017 · TV Series

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EN: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War
JP: 十二大戦
Synonyms: 12 Taisen
12 Wars

Juuni Taisen
2017 · TV Series

5 (2 votes)
MAL: 6.66
The record of the bloody battle between the twelve proud warriors—
The 12th Twelve Tournament that gets held every twelve years…
Twelve brave warriors who bear the names of the signs of the zodiac fight each other for the lives and souls.
The participants are twelve very strange warriors: “Rat,” “Ox,” “Tiger,” “Rabbit,” “Dragon,” “Snake,” “Horse,” “Goat,” Monkey,” “Rooster,” “Dog,” and “Pig.”
The victor of this tournament gets to have one wish granted, whatever the wish may be.
The one wish they want granted—
Who will be the final survivor?
Whose tears will flow on the bloody battlefield filled with conspiracy and murder?
A soul-shaking battle royale is about to begin.

Summary taken from: MyAnimeList

Episodes 12 Videos 48
Year 2017 Status Finished
Aired Every Tuesday 23:30 JST Season Fall
Duration 24m / ep.

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