Goblin Slayer Episode 2
Goblin Slayer dub

4.6 (336 votes)
Aired 4 months ago
Updated February 23, 2019 · 11.8k Views · by u/MeowMix


u/Meh 路 4 months ago
This anime seems cool, but what annoys me is that I am not feeling that the mc will get stronger, but we'll see I guess. Btw the comments section is just dead in this site sadly:/
u/MeowMix 路 4 months ago
We're just 2 months in. Give it time and the community will grow 馃槈
u/CF7ELL 路 4 months ago
Yeah I like this site but the comment section isn't really active. I guess people still haven't found this site yet.
u/Sohail007 路 4 months ago
Goblin slayer will not get stronger. he has no blessings from any divine being or any overpowered skills like most fantasy genre heroes. heck he's no hero, he will get beaten and tattered like a rag. but he will kill all goblins and anything that protects them regardless
u/Sohail007 路 4 months ago
good to see this series on the website i 1st started watching anime. welcome back animeultima and thanks for this series
u/MeowMix 路 4 months ago
u/zyphR 路 3 months ago
I love this site its the only one that the video player that i dont have to wait for buffering
u/henlo 路 4 months ago
does it load for you guys cause it doesn't or is it not up yet
u/henlo 路 4 months ago
u/nathund 路 3 months ago
.... orc belly?
u/JoE7289e 路 2 months ago
this anime I hope it gets better
u/Stmiggley 路 1 month ago
Isit me or the childhood friend of
Goblin slayer sounds abit like "INDEX"
From Toaru majutsu ???? Juz asking ???
u/Chillx 路 2 weeks ago
Lol the priest in gs looks like the priest in index